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Shenzhen City, Jin Yu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Is one of China's semiconductor packaging and testing plant, there are full import ASM, KS equipment and reliability laboratories, with the most advanced equipment in Southern China area; 29 quality inspection process to ensure zero defect products. MORE>>


  • Brief introduction to the transistor

    Brief introduction to the transistorTransistor, the full name should be the semiconductor transistor, also known as bipolar transistor, crystal transistor, is a current control current of semiconductor devices and its role is to enlarge the weak signal to a large number of electric signal, also used as a non-contact switch. Crystal transistor, is one of the basic components of the semiconductor, with current amplification, is the core element of the electronic circuit.

  • How to do a good selection of components

    How to do a good selection of componentsThe main method for the selection of components is: appearance inspection, temperature cycle, high temperature life, electric power, sealing test, electric parameter test, function test.

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